Mary Frances Walsh ( Francy) is an artist that works from her heart!

Always drawn to the Arts, it began by studying dance from an early age, and moving on to musical theater.  I studied drama at the American Conservatory Theater and later painting at the Brentwood Art Center.  A student of the world, i began expanding my vision and exploring.

on the yaht, Klaraborg,( working as a cook ) was a wild adventure. The 100 ft sailing vessel was an old restored Baltic Trader built in Sweden (1860). A couple of Swedes had restored her and began to slowly circumnavigate the globe, by taking on a small crew and working along the way. I signed on as cook to cover my fair.( joining in Hawaii)   My first voyage to American Samoa took 28 long and unpredictable days.   A low point was when a strong Pacific storm ripped our sails to threads. It was a mind expanding survival experience by itself. I could smell land before seeing it!  Next, moving residence to Mei Maru a 28ft ketch, ( w Dr. Earl Hansen ) it was "Off to the many Fijian islands. New Zealand" . Moving on to Australia for a year.  Next, on to Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.   Each journey changed me.
The people and culture, their history and art have lingered in my thoughts. 
The traditions and values and experience color my work. 
Now retired it is time to explore in a new way.Reflecting on the rich memories and feelings.
"Discovering the vibrant world of pastel painting has been a complete joy". Exploring watercolor intriguing.  "I hope you enjoy my view as much as I enjoy sharing it."    I am repeatedly drawn to explore the the emotions and character of our animal world!     Francy