welcome to Francy's Art site...

Thanks for taking a look at some of my work. I’ve been interested in painting since age ten, when my Uncle Billy gave me paint and canvas for my birthday.  He also gave me my first lesson (I was hooked).  After touring eight countries in Europe and some years as a professional actress, I left the west coast and aboard various sailing vessels as well as traveling on an elephant in Burma, I studied numerous styles of art. Gradually, I discovered my personal point of view is unique in how I reflect life's colors and shapes.  I love how people react to my work. 
I am enchanted by nature and animals and fascinated by people of different cultures. 
This collection contains current work of friends, pets, landscapes and seascapes.
I paint my life and the living things around me.  

You may commission
a personal portrait or
one of a pet  I use a
collection of your
photos as inspiration.
You may phone, email
or use my website to
discuss options and details. Francywalsh[email protected]
  I welcome all comments and questions.

Send an email and we can chat. Sizes begin at ...
8/10- $125
11/14- $225
16/20 - 450
18/24 - 650
choose the size.from 8x10" Up to 16x20". Or larger.
50% deposit. Final payment upon your approval.
To begin the process phone or email.

I have a few paintings at Camarillo Art Center
I am relatively new to this area and am starting to work with different groups.