welcome to Francy's Art site : and display

Thanks for takings a Look at some of my work.
i have been interested painting since age ten.when my Uncle Billy gave me paint and canvas for my birthday.  He also gave me my first lesson. ( I was hooked)  Gradually I discovered that my personal point of view was slightly different with my images reflecting life's vibrant colors.  Now after entering into these retirement years, there has been  more time to explore.   Such intense color! I am fortunate to enjoy a hopeful vision of the world.  
I have always loved nature and animals. I have cared for and loved many
One day I came across a precious old photo of my first dog, Maggie. So, I decided to paint her! This gave me so much joy. I signed up for a pastel class at my local senior center.  Turns out that I see and imagine endless art projects.
also have done many portraits of pets and their loved ones.

This collection contains current work of friends, pets, landscapes and seascapes.

I paint my life and the living things , animals, and people around me.  Others have requested their own portrait of their precious pets and other memories.  

That's how this began, 

Now you can see many examples and you can commission a personal portrait of your pet   I use a collection of your photos.
you can phone email or use my website to discuss the options and details. Francywalsh[email protected]
It is so interesting to discuss.

or just send me a note to let me know your thoughts about this collection.     I would welcome all comments.

  send me an email and we can chat.   sizes begin at
5/7 - $80
8/10- $125.
11/14- $225
16/20 - 450
18/24 - 650
choose the size.from 8x10" Up to 16x20". Or larger.
50% deposit. And payment completed upon your approval.

to begin the process.  Or phone or email

Locally I am am exhibiting at RIPSIK Mediterranean Restaurant on Van Buren Blvd. in Riverside, CA.
Visit with me at Ripsik on most Friday evenings.
View paintings at Janet Goeske Senior Center
Also the gift shop at The Riverside Art Museum